Buddhist Logic [2 Vols]

Buddhist Logic [2 Vols]

ISBN: 9788120810198

Author: Th. Stcherbatsky

Subject: Buddhism

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 1030

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Buddhist logic reveals itself as the culminating point of a long course of Indian philosophic history. Its birth, its growth and its decline run parallel with the birth, the growth and the decline of Indian civilisation. The time has come to reconsider the subject of Buddhist logic in its historical connections. This is done in these two volumes. In the copious notes, the literary renderings are given where needed. This will enable the reader to fully appreciate the sometimes enormous distance which lies between the words of the Sanskrit phrasing and their philosophic meaning rendered according to our habits of thought. The notes also contain a philosophic comment of the translated texts. The first volume contains a historical sketch as well as a synthetical reconstruction of the whole edifice of the final shape of Buddhist philosophy. The second volume contains the material as well as the justification for this reconstruction.


Preface, Abbreviations, Introduction, Part I - Reality and Knowledge (pramanya-vada), Part II-The Sensible World, Ch. 1 The theory of Instantaneous being (ksanika-vada), Ch. II Causation (pratitya-samutpada), Ch. III. Sense-Perception (pratyaksam), Ch. IV - Ultimate reality (paramartha-sat), Part III-The constructed world, Ch. I-Judgment, Ch. II - Inference, Ch. III - Syllogism (pararthanumanam), Ch. IV. Logical Fallacies, Part IV - Negation, Ch. I-The negative judgment, Ch. II. - The Law of Contradiction, Ch. III-Universals, Ch. IV. Dialectic, Part V-Reality of the External World, Conclusion, Indices, Appendix, Addenda et corrigenda.


" The volumes are highly technical and can be appreciated by scholars only. .....that the volumes have been famous in the field of Buddhist Logic shows their worth. Paper, print and get up are all up to the expectation." --Bulletin of the Ramakrishna Missio

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