Classical Hindu Mythology:A Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas

Classical Hindu Mythology:A Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas

A Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas

ISBN: 9788120839724

Author: Cornella Dimmitt, J.A.B. Van Buitenen

Subject: History and Culture

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 399

Publisher: New Age Books

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About Book:

The Mahapuranas embody the received tradition of Hindu mythology. This anthology contains fresh translations of these myths, only a few of which have ever been available in English before, thus providing a rich new portion of Hindu mythology.

The book is organized into six chapters. "Origins" contains myths relating to creation, time, and space. "Seers, Kings and Supernaturals" relates tales of rivers, trees, animals, demons, and men, particularly heroes and sages. Myths about the chief gods are dealt with in three separate chapters: Krsna, Visnu, and Siva. The chapter The Goddess presents stories of the wives and lovers of the gods, as well as of Kali, the savage battle goddess.

In their introductions, the editors provide a historical setting in which to discuss Hindu mythology as well as a full analysis of its basis sources. The many names given the original. The editors have provided a thorough glossary to make these names accessible.

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