Dharma Laws and Law Seers of India

Dharma Laws and Law Seers of India

ISBN: 9788120841581

Author: Ushakar Jha

Subject: Polity, Economics and Sociology

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 300

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The book provides a synoptic overview of the sacred literature that constitutes the foundation of Dharma (or the law as we know it in the contemporary context) and seers who have shaped this corpus. The notion of Dharma is extraordinarily vast. It is best summarized as the ruling force, the harmonizing principle, and the foundation of social order in India. Conceptualized as a normative frame to conduct day-to-day life, dharma is both the goal of life and the core value for organizing one's behavior. Dharma includes law and morals, service and sacrifice to Gods, obedience to state as well as a love of family and the purity of social life. The book deals with various aspects of Dharma including its meaning, foundational principles as well as goals, the relationship between dharma and Dandaniti along the manner in which it worked in and through Vidyasthana (abode of knowledge) and Dharmasthana (abode of Dharma).

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