Enchanting Beauty

Enchanting Beauty

Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty

ISBN: 9788178224879

Author: Manisha Kshirsagar, Esthetician with Megan M. Murthy

Subject: Health, Ayurveda & Alternative Medicine

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 310

Publisher: New Age Books

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About Book:

The concept of Lasting beauty was developed out of the need for women to practice prevention and anti-aging strategies as soon as they possibly could! In author’s opinion women who have plenty of resources to buy organic food, go to yoga classes, exercise at a nice gym and learn meditation, but nevertheless, they fail to do these things, if she does not proactively take care of herself in her younger years, then as she ages, her beauty will not endure.

Enchanting Beauty discusses the important role of beauty in Ayurveda, India’s traditional natural healing system, for both health and happiness. It offers many practical tools and insights to enhance natural beauty and inner well-being.

Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar brings her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine together with her expertise as an esthetician to give us the foundation for beauty that radiates from the inside out. A life long guide to inner and outer beauty. - Deepak Chopra, MD Enchanting Beauty by Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar is an excellent Ayurvedic guidebook for promoting inner and outer beauty, happiness and health for women of all ages. It is an important addition to the existing Ayurvedic literature and adds much new information and insight in an easy accessible form. - David Frawley, Author of The Yoga of Herbs.

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