How to Read a Horoscope

How to Read a Horoscope

A Scientific Model of Prediction based on benefic & malefic analysis of planets & bhavas as per Hind

ISBN: 9788120814585

Author: P. V. R. Rayudu

Subject: Astrology

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 457

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Planets are positioned in different Rasis (signs) and Bhavas (houses) with respect to a particular ascendant at the particular time of birth. Accordingly, each planet is subjected to many influences as per its placement in a particular rasi and bhava with respect to the placement of other planets. As such, the benefit and malefic tendencies of each planet differ in each horoscope. For example, the benefic or malefic tendency of a planet may differ as per its placement in exaltation/ debilitation rasi, own rasi/star, friendly/enemy rasi/star, different bhavas as per its own lordship and as per its associations and aspects by other friendly/enemy planets, etc. Each of these placements, aspects, associations are not of equal importance and each bhava is also subjected to the influence of different planets.

In this book, a methodology is given to evolve the benefic and malefic percentage of a planet and bhavas in a horoscope considering all the influences that they would be subjected to along with suitable weights for each type of the influence. The predictions of all planets as per their benefit or malefic tendencies with respect to their placement in different races and bhavas are enumerated separately under different topics of body, health, temperament and personality, wealth, courage, education, houses and landed property, happiness, children, diseases, enemies, debts, marriage and marital relationship, longevity, prosperity, professions, gains and income, losses and expenditure.

Planets are subjected to different influences in a horoscope and they are analysed scientifically giving suitable weights for every condition to arrive at the benefic and malefic percentage of each planet. Similarly bhavas are analysed. Based on these benefic & malefic percentage analyses of planets & bhavas, broad life and yearly predictions can be given. The whole scheme is computerised.

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