Indian Literary Criticism

Indian Literary Criticism

Theory and Interpretation

ISBN: 9789390122578

Author: G. N. Devy

Subject: Literature

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 392

Publisher: Orient Blackswan Pvt.Ltd.

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About Book:

Indian Literary Criticism: Theory and Interpretation is a collection of essays by various scholars; the book traces out the Indian tradition of literary criticism. Students of Indian literature need to have access to India s critical tradition. This volume provides teachers, students, and scholars-in-the-making access to some of the key concepts and ideas in the Indian tradition of literary theory. It contains essays from Abhinavagupta, Dandin, Karnataka, Jnanesvara, Khusrau, Ghalib, Tagore, Aurobindo as well as contemporary critics like Mardhekar, Matilal, Krishnamoorthy and Patankar. In doing so it brings together in one volume some of the most significant literary thinkers in the Indian tradition of the last two thousand years.

About Author:

A literary scholar and a cultural activist, G. N. Devy writes in three languages Marathi, Gujarati and English and is the recipient of prestigious literary awards for his works in all three languages. He is the Chief Editor of the People s Linguistic Survey of India, a multivolume, multilingual project. Devy s academic and activist work reveals a rare combination of a deep interest in India s classical literature and philosophy as well as in the threatened languages of Adivasi and nomadic communities, in higher education and rural development.