Logic and Belief in Indian Philosophy

Logic and Belief in Indian Philosophy

ISBN: 9788120834460

Author: Piotr Balcerowicz

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 700

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The Present volume explores a theme that has so far rarely received the attention it legitimately deserves, although its fundamental importance to a proper understanding of the true nature of Indian philosophical enquiry and intellectual heritage seems unquestionable. Whether in Indian social and historical context or throughout the history of Western thought, the relation between logic, belief and philosophy has always been very complex and multifaceted.

The general theme of the enquiry presented here is adequately reflected in the title of the volume: Logic and Belief in Indian Philosophy, which aptly highlights the yukti-agama dimension. In particular, it focuses on various aspects of Indian thought, and Indian logic in particular, with special emphasis on the relationship, and tension, between rational examination and belief in Indian Philosophical tradition.

The contributions are grouped in thematic sections, the titles of which are self-explanatory. Some articles probe deeply into very detailed and intricate doctrinal aspects of selected Brahmanical philosophical schools and of Jaina and Buddhist traditions, whereas others attempt synthetic conclusions as well as methodological and theoretical reflection concerning the very nature of Indian philosophy and its religious background. The reader will also find an English translation of 'The chapter on the negative-only inference' (Kevalavyatireki-prakarana) of Gangesa's Tattva-cinta-mani, a ground-breaking work that revolutionised medieval Indian Logic.

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