Mandala Workbook

Mandala Workbook

For Inner Self Development

ISBN: 9788178222875

Author: Anneke Huyser

Subject: Yoga

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 112

Publisher: New Age Books

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About Book:

Mandala Workbook for Inner Self Development: Personal mandalas protect and adorn, express your subconscious and bring you back to your center. The theme of the mandala the square within the circle, containment within the infinite can be found in nature as well as throughout history in cultures all over the world. In this fun and unique book, Anneke Huyser shares the mandala making methods she has developed over the course of a decade. She gives you just the right amount of background information to inspire you to make your own mandala, a symbol of your journey toward wholeness. In addition to showing you what materials you need to paint or draw a mandala, Anneke teaches you how to embroider one using the cross stitch method. You can also make a mandala out of tissue paper and hang it in front of a window or you can make a mandala quilt out of cloth for each mandala making method. Anneke provides a practical list of materials you need along with step by step directions. A chapter on symbolism describes the significance of different shapes, colors and numbers so you can either pick images you want to work with or later analyze a mandala you have made. She also offers several ideas on what to do with your mandala once you have completed it. The book includes eight full color plates illustrating different types of mandalas that Anneke has created. The final chapter contains relaxation and visualization exercises to help you bring forth inner self in the form of a mandala. You don't need any artistic experience to begin creating mandalas you only need this book, a few easy to find, inexpensive materials and an adventurous spirit!

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