Meditation Pure and Simple

Meditation Pure and Simple

The Heart and Essence of Meditation Practice

ISBN: 9788178223407

Author: Ian Gawler

Subject: Yoga

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 142

Publisher: New Age Books

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About Book:

The Meditation Pure & Simple offers personal experience in meditation of one who has been genuinely touched by the presence of special places and special people. Who has had their own life touched, even transformed, by the practice of meditation based upon Simple Silence, and who has been blessed indeed to introduce this practice to a number of eager people. Meditation based on Simple Silence offers extraordinary benefits on all levels of our being. And to practise this type of meditation is both exquisitely simple, and yet for many, excruciatingly complex. This book is offered as something of a paradox. A detailed, perhaps somewhat longwinded expose on the art of being silent. How to be still, how to do nothing, in great detail.

This book will help you learn how to do it. To rest in Simple Silence. The book is the fruit of many years, many people's experiences. Living and teaching this practice virtually daily, over the years insights have come, people have taught the author, and he has stumbled over better ways to introduce it. So the book is offered in the hope that it will clarify, simplify and make meditation more directly accessible for you. Everyone can learn to do it. It has to be possible as this silence dwells within us all. We are about to journey into a sacred space. Your own inner space wherein lies healing, sustenance and truth. The place wherein dwells Simple Silence. The realm of MeditationãPure and Simple!

About Author:



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