ISBN: 9788120833500

Author: Muni Jambuvijayaji

Subject: Buddhism

Language: Sanskrit

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 161

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Nyayapravesakasastra, written by the famous Buddhist preceptor, Dinnaga known as the father of Buddhist logic, in the fourth century of the Vikram era, is an important work in the field of logic. On this text, there is a commentary known as Sisyahita, written by the preceptor Sri Haribhadrasuri, religious son of Yakinimahattara in the seventh century of the Vikram era and an old commentary known as Nyayapravesakavrttipanjika written on palm leaves by Sri Parsvadevagani in the twelfth century of the Vikram era. There are also some ancient and modern mss. of the commentaries. Taking the text of Nyayapravesa-kavrttipanjika of venerable sage Shri Punyavijayji, as the basis, this has been critically edited in a systematic way.

The text of Nyayapravesakasastra was translated into the Bhota language of Tibet and into the Chinese language many years ago. Besides, this text has also been translated independently from the Chinese language into the Bhota language. Pandit Vidhushekhara Bhattacharya, in 1927, published its Tibetan translation in the Roman script. This translation might be extremely useful for scholars of the Tibetan language. Therefore, it has been included as the fifth appendix of this publication in the original Tibetan script.

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