Psychology of the Chakras

Psychology of the Chakras

Eye of the Lotus

ISBN: 9788120829626

Author: Richard A. Jelusich

Subject: Psychology

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 150

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Contents: Acknowledgements, Note from the author, list of illustrations, introduction, Definition of the Chakras, Your Chakric Relationships, Your Dominant Chakra, Five Dominant Chakras, Not Seven, Subcategories of Dominant Chakras, Higher and Lower Aspects of Each Chakra, First Chakra: Survivability, Second Chakra: The Creationist, Third Chakra: The Charismatic Leader, Fourth Chakra: The Empath, Fifth Chakra: The Communicator, Sixth Chakra: The Prophet, Seventh Chakra: Zero Point, Chakras 8, 13, 20, and 64, Reference Chakras, Stepping Through the Chakras; the Evolutionary Path, Are we in just one dominant chakra our whole Lives? Inverse Relationships, The Law of Reciprocity, Representation through relationship, and the evolution of the soul-group consciousness Masking, That's Just What a Chakra Would say, Dominant Chakra Dispositions of Famous People, Hand Positions and the Chakras, Psychic Manipulation Prevention, The Evolutionary Aspect of Truth, Quantitative vs. Qualitative Reality, Three Reasons Why People Do Not Heal, Appendix A, Recommended Reading for Each Chakra, Exercises and Meditations to Build Strength in Each Chakra, Section one: Exercise to Increase Intuitive Abilities, Section two: General Energy-Balancing Exercises, Section Three: Specific Exercises for Each Chakra, Essential oils that help heal each chakra, Sounds that help heal each chakra, light and colour that help heal each chakra, yoga exercises for each chakra, Appendix B, Bibliography and References.


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