Sanskrit and the Advaitic View of Truth

Sanskrit and the Advaitic View of Truth

ISBN: 9788120835351

Author: Paul Douglas

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 116

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The aim in this book is to explore what relationship there may be between language and truth. That deceptively simple word 'truth', can be understood in various ways, but for the purpose of this book, it is taken as understood in the philosophy of advaita (non-dualism).

More particularly, a good part of the book discusses ways in which one language, Sanskrit, can be seen as embodying the principles of advaita.

In the last century Western philosophers have treated the subject of language and truth on the basis that either truth is uncertain and language is incapable of expressing it, or that the philosopher's task is simply to show how language can express meaning clearly and unequivocally.

This book takes a radically different approach, based on the view of truth expressed in Advaita philosophy, a philosophy which is increasingly of interest in the West because it answers many of the questions not answered by Western philosophy.

Language and truth are intimately connected in Advaita. One reason for this is the Sanskrit language, because the sound and structure of the language, because the sound and structure of the language itself appear to reflect and convey that truth.

The author also explores these connections in other languages, and in the meaning of meaning. The book is written in a way that can be understood by the general reader.

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