Sanskrit-Worterbuch in Kurzerer Fassung

Sanskrit-Worterbuch in Kurzerer Fassung

Otto Von Bohtlingk

ISBN: 9788120809079

Author: Otto Von Bohtlingk

Subject: Reference Works

Language: English & Sansk

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 2127

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The so-called –Smaller Petrograd Dictionary” _ the German title is –Sanskrit-Worterbuch in Kuerzerer Fassung”- was started by O.V. Bothlingk only a few years after the completion, in 1875, of the 7 volumed –Larger P.D.” (Which he had worked on in cooperation with R.V. Roth). As stated by B. himself in the preface of 1879, the •shorter versionê was not meant to replace the earlier one, but –to improve where something ought to be improved and to add where something was missing and to always remind the reader, by leaving out all the quotations and references, that the larger dictionary had to remain the main source: Indeed, whoever wants to know more about a word, i.e. the background and basis of the meanings given for it, still has to turn to the larger P.D. On the other hand, it is equally evident that B has fully achieved his aim: The –Smaller P.D.” is so considerably an improvement both in terms of substance as also of quantity that it has become the tool of all those who wish to read Sanskrit text; in fact, most of the later Sanskrit dictionaries are heavily indebted to Bês work, directly or indirectly; e.g. Monier-Williamsê is little more than a translated abridgement. It is a long left need of Indian Studies that the shorter version, a signal achievement in lexicography, is also made available again to present-day scholars, and is a reprint which is both good and to is had at a reasonable price.


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