Studies in Mimamsa

Studies in Mimamsa

Dr. Mandan Mishra Felicitation Volume

ISBN: 9788120811096

Author: R.C. Dwivedi

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 453

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Massive and unique contribution of Mimamsa to the philosophy of language, hermeneutics, exegesis and semiology, to the philosophy of religion, epistemology and above all to the philosophy of pragmatic active life affirming continuity of cultural tradition remains important for the intellectual pursuits in the world of knowledge and culture. No system of thought can be properly and comprehensively understood without a reference to Mimamsa. Research papers by eminent pundits and scholars included in this felicitation volume in honour of Dr.Mandan Mishra are devoted mainly to analytical and critical exposition of the theories of the Mimamsa system of thought, focusing attention on its relation to other disciplines and presenting a comparative study with similar Indian and Western speculations. This is perhaps the first international intellectual adventure of its kind which is bound to generate fresh thinking and create right perspectives in the field of Mimamsa. Studies in Mimamsa in this volume take it out of its traditionally recognised narrow confines of ritualistic interpretation of the Vedic sentences and make it part of the global philosophy of language and religion. The papers have been arranged under three sections: 1. Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics; 2. Language, Meaning, Grammar; and 3. Hermeneutical Essays.

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