Sex, Secrecy, Politics, and Power in the Study of Religion

ISBN: 9788120829329

Author: Hugh B. Urban

Subject: Tantra

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 372

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

A Complex body of religious practices that spread throughout the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions; a form of spirituality that seemingly combines sexuality, sensual pleasure, and the full range of physical experience with the religious life-Tantra has played a central yet conflicted role in the Western imagination ever since the first "discovery" of Indian religions by European scholars. Always radical, always extremely other, Tantra has proved to be a key factor in the imagining of India. This book offers a critical account of how the phenomenon came to be.

Tracing the complex genealogy of Tantra as a category within the history of religions, Hugh B. Urban reveals how it has been formed through the interplay of popular and scholarly imaginations. tantra emerges as a product of mirroring and misrepresentation at work between East and West-a a dialectical categories born of the ongoing play between Western and Indian minds. Embracing historical detail, textual analysis, popular cultural phenomena, and critical theory, this book shows Tantra as a shifting amalgam of fantasies, fears, and wish fulfilment, at once native and other, that strikes at the very heart of our constructions of the exotic Orient and the contemporary West.

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