The Hidden Wisdom of the Goddess

The Hidden Wisdom of the Goddess

ISBN: 9788120834668

Author: Devadatta Kali

Subject: Hinduism and Its Sources

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 255

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The Hidden Wisdom of the Goddess is an extended meditation in the form of a novel that follows the Devimahatmya's basic outline, condensed here and expanded there in freely imaginative ways. In the Devimahatmya the seer Medhas teaches through the language of myth, which cries out for interpretation because little is spelled out. The Hidden Wisdom to the Goddess communicates the hidden wisdom of the holy man's teachings simply, directly, and eloquently.

Most of the book consists of newly invented scenes, incidents, and conversations between Medhas and his two disciples, the king Suratha and the merchant Samadhi. As the book progresses, the main characters become fleshed out and take on a life of their own. All the while, the writing probes ever deeper into the mysterious of human existence.

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