The Laws of Manu, A New Translation

The Laws of Manu, A New Translation

Translated from the Sanskrit by members of the Language Faculty of the School of Economic Science, L

ISBN: 9788194454786

Author: Julian Hubbersgilt, Annick Hardaker

Subject: Polity, Economics and Sociology

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 506

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

This new translation offers a contemporary rendering of this ancient work which addresses fundamental questions of law and duty for all members of society. One cannot but be impressed by the breadth of scope conjoined with sometimes minute and informative detail. The Laws embody the genius of their originators whose minds could contemplate the full extent of human society and accommodate a code of conduct that would ensure its lawful and harmonious regulation. The modern mind will certainly take issue with many of its directions and prohibitions, yet the same mind may also find within The Laws a source of inspiration and guidance in a world of apparently increasing disorder and conflict. Societies continuously modify the conventions by which they function and these may be evolutionary or consciously directed. It is for each generation to discover how the laws expressed in this work may find contemporary relevance. The present age thirsts for new frontiers of enquiry to bring advancement to the world. Within The Laws with its wealth of principles, there is rich material for such an exploration. The text is of great interest as a cultural document but will equally find validity as an object of serious consideration for those who seek a practical vision for the welfare of mankind.


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