The Panchadasi Of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami

The Panchadasi Of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami

ISBN: 9788170308713

Author: Nanda Lal Dhole

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English



Publisher: Satguru Publications

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The Panchadasi Of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami Madhava, Madhavarya, Madhvacharya, and Madhyavamtya were the names by which Vidyaranya Swami use to pass prior to his turning into a recluse. He wrote many works, all of which attest to his learning and erudition. He wrote on medicine, grammar, astrology besides writing commentaries on the four Vedas known by the name of Madhavaprakash, Sarvadarshansangraha and others. The Panchadasi is an important text on Vedantic philosophy. It consists of fifteen chapters written by Srimat Vidyaranya Swami. The present book discussed Vedantic philosophy with critical notices of the other contending systems. It embraces dissertations on Cosmology, Psychology. Evolution, Yoga and Emancipation. It is a complete clue for the comprehension of the Science of Man, his relation to the Universe, and his ultimate destiny. It clears out the mistaken notions concerning Isvara and Parabrahma and reviews Theism and Pantheism in all their aspects. It is an exhaustive key to Esoteric Science.

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