The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa

The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa

Text, Eng. Tr. & Introd.

ISBN: 9788120800311

Author: M.R. Kale

Subject: Literature

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 170

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

By ekah of course is meant Kalidasa, the author of Abhijna'nas'akuntala, Raghuwamsa, etc and it is him we are here concerned with. Of his personal history very little is definitely known. The name itself signifies 'a servant of the goddess Durga' it is probable that like so many other names it was bestowed without any reference to its original signification. But on it is based a tradition which represents him to have been an illiterate person, till by the favour of the goddess he suddenly found himself endowed with the poetic gift. Kalidasa is curiously reticent about himself in his works nor are any records of him by other hands now available. Whatever we can say about his life is based on external and secondary sources and must necessarily remain a matter of more or less guess work. His birth place was probably somewhere in Malwa and from his glowing description of Ujjayini it would appear that he was a resident of that city. Legends are current about his having been a court poet of King Vikramaditya (a matter to which we shall refer further on) and his works, it is true, show considerable acquaintance with court life. He was a Brahmana by caste and a devout worshipper of Siva, though by no means a narrow minded sectarian. He seems to have travelled a great deal throughout India, his graphic description of the Himalayan scenes reads very much like that of an eye witness.

About Author:

M. R. Kale is famous for his excellence in Indian literature, linguistics and Sanskrit plays such as- The Mrichchhakarika of Sudraka, Abhijnana of Sakuntala, Meghaduta of Kalidasa etc


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