The Son of the God of Wind

The Son of the God of Wind

The Exploits of Sri Hanumana

ISBN: 9788178223933

Author: Pandit Atma Ram Sharma

Subject: Hinduism and Its Sources

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 179

Publisher: New Age Books

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About Book:

India is a country of people who are mostly religious. A large chunk of the population worships Hanumana. There is no village, town or city where there are no temples dedicated to Sri Hanumana ji. Truth is that the spirit of Sri Hanumana ji inspires, enlivens, and energises the lives of a very large number of people. It motivates them for dedication, piety, and service. Sri Hanumana ji keeps them unwavering on the path of virtue and discipline. Hanumana ji has imbibed the nectar of devotion for Sri Rama and has ceased to be an entity separate from and independent of Sri Rama. He is the embodiment of the qualities which Sri Rama personifies in himself. For the Hindus, Hanumana personifies the highest level of devotion to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Visnu. That is the reason he is held in such high esteem. The present work is the result of the translation of selected stories about Sri Hanumana by the late Pandit Atma Ram Sharma. Although the translation is of selected stories only, it makes a coherent and well-connected reading. The book may be of particular interest to non-resident Indians who are always eager to be emotionally connected with their religious and cultural roots.

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