The Sutra of Golden Light

The Sutra of Golden Light

Being a Translation of the Suvarnabhasottamasutra

ISBN: 9788120840409

Author: R.E. Emmerick

Subject: Buddhism

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 126

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The present volume contains a literal translation of the Sanskrit text of the Suvarnabhasottamasutra. The translation is based on the elaborate critical edition of the Sanskrit text published by J.Nobel, Leipzig 1937 taking account of his subsequent improvements: the Nachtrag and Berichtigungen published with his edition, and various suggestions to be found in the critical apparatus to his 1944 edition of the Tibetan. The Tibetan has been compared carefully throughout. In cases where the Sanskrit text is missing I have provided within brackets a literal rendering of the Tibetan translation, except in one instance where I have given a rendering of Dharmaksema's translation because the fragmentary Khotanese shows that Dharmaksema's translation may well reflect accurately the missing Sanskrit. The Sanskrit text as constituted by Nobel more than forty years ago clearly requires substantial revision. My original translation has evidently been helpful and encouraged further research. I shall be satisfied if this new edition, which alas has been made under great pressure of time and work, will similarly provide an impetus for continuing research. The present edition does not differ substantially from the previous one although some corrections and additions have been incorporated.

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