Veda-Laksana Vedic Ancillary Literature

Veda-Laksana Vedic Ancillary Literature

A Descriptive Bibliography

ISBN: 9788120811201

Author: K. Parameswara Aithal

Subject: Hinduism and Its Sources

Language: Engilish

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 754

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The present volume is an annotated biblography of the vedik- Laksana, the existence of which could be determined on the basic of printed editions, catalogues of manuscripts and citations in other texts the incentive for compiling this bibliography grew out of an awareness that hardly any relaible information exists concerning manuscripts of veda-laksana texts, although they are of great use critical studies of vedic texts. The goal of this work is to provide a comprehensive handbook of source materials on Veda-Laksna by identifying and distinguishing the texts in various manuscripts and printed editions according to their contents and actual title.

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