Vijnapti-Matrata-Siddhi  (3 Parts)

Vijnapti-Matrata-Siddhi (3 Parts)

A Commentary (Cheng Weishi Lun) on Vasubandhu's Trimsika by Xuanzang

ISBN: 9788120840676

Author: Louis De La Vallee Poussion, Gelong Lodro Sangpo, Gelongma Migme Chodron, Alexander Leonard Mayer

Subject: Buddhism

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 1926

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The Cheng weishi lun (=CWSL; T.1585), purporting to be a composite commentary on Vasubandhu's Trimsika Vijnaptimatratasiddhi, is a translation-compilation by Xuanzang (600-664 CE). with the assistance of his pupil Kuiji (632-682 CE). Xuanzang's main mission in this endeavour appears to be twofold: (i) the establishment and elucidation of the thesis of vijnaptimatra, and this predominantly on the basis of Dharmapala-Silabhadra's expositions; (ii) the harmonization of the earlier Yogacara doctrinal interpretations, and in so doing also the definitive establishment of the superiority of the Mahayana bodhisattva ideal. The CWSL may be said to be one of the most precious gems in the whole of the Chinese Tripitaka. In the preface to his Shuji, Kuiji eulogizes the CWSL thus: This treatise purifies true cognition. Its expositions include the provisional as well as the ultimate teachings, going far beyond the early teachings of the historical Buddha. Its doctrines penetrate into the subtlest. They catch hold of the Prajnaparamita tenets and ride on their colourful brilliance. The treatise summarizes the essential teachings of the sutras, seeking out their hidden teachings and assimilating their purposes. It further incorporates the best of all the sastras, gathering up the most wonderful. The CWSL is a compilation containing the ten individual commentaries on Vasubandhu's Trimsika by 1. Dharmapala; 2. Gunamati; 3. Sthiramati; 4. Bandhusri; 5. Nanda; 6. Suddhacandra; 7. Citrabhanu; 8. Visesamitra; 9. Jinaputra and 10. Jnanacandra which are herewith collected together and translated in detail in a single text.

About Author:

Gelong Lodro Sangpo (Jurgen Balzer)-the translator-is a student of the late Ven. Trungpa Rinpoche. Born in 1953, Germany, he received his first ordination in the Karma Kagyu Sangha in 1984, France, and then moved to Gampo Abbey, Canada. From 1985-2002 he served as Secretary of International Kagyu Sangha Association of Buddhist Monks and Nuns and Published its magazine The profound Path of Peace.

He completed the traditional three-year retreat in 1996 and a four-year study retreat in 2003. Hee also served for a few years as Acting Director of Gampo Abbey. He Was one of the Co-founders of Nitartha Institute and is a senior teacher at the Vidyadhara Institute, the monastic college of Gampo Abbey, since its inception.

His focus of the study is on the systematic traditions of Buddhist Abhidharma. In recent years, he has translated and published under the supervision of Prof.Ernst Steinkellner-Erich Frauwallner's The philosophy of Buddhism (Motilal Banarsidass). At present, he is finalizing a translation of various books and articles by La Vallee Poussin and is also engaged in the project of translating the collected writings of Prof.Lambert Schmithausent from German into English.

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