Yog Shrankhla (2 vols.)

Yog Shrankhla (2 vols.)

Vol. 1 Rajyog Vol. 2 Sampannata evam Vibhinnata sambandhi grahayog

ISBN: 9788120834910

Author: Mridula Trivedi, T.P. Trivedi

Subject: Astrology

Language: Hindi

Binding: Paper Back


Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

About Author:

Mrs. Mridula Trivedi, a Post Graduate from the University of Lucknow, gradually graduated to become a very highly aclaimed astrologer of international renown. Honoured with ‘Doctor of Astrology’ by the World Development Council in 1987, she did not look back in the march of adding further feathers to her cap. She was honored with the title of ‘Ved Vyas’ by Spiritual and Astrological Research Institute, Lucknow in 2001. She was also awarded ‘The Best Astrologer and Best Writer of the Country’ by Planets and Forecast in 2007. She is associated with a number of journals and magazines as a Counsultant Editor. Mrs. Mridula Trivedi is an author of more than a hundred books in both Hindi and English. She has been writing on issues related to Dasha system and a popular consultant on matters related to timing of decisions be they familial or financial.

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